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Termination agreement

In Dutch employment law, there is a big role for the termination agreement. It goes by the name termination agreement (because it terminates the employment relationship) or settlement agreement (because it settles a dispute between employer and employee).

Instant dismissal in the Netherlands

Instant dismissal (also called summary dismissal) is an appealing topic in Dutch employment law. In the event of gross misconduct on behalf of the employee, the employer can “fire” the employee immediately and without severance compensation.


An employer can suspend an employee if there are sufficient grounds for it. Usually, this is a prelude to the dismissal of the employee. During a suspension, an employer can for instance investigate whether there are grounds for instant dismissal. Alternatively, an employer can suspend an employee and submit a request to terminate the employment agreement at the Court.


A company in financial distress may need to let go some employees. Dutch law is very strict as to which employees qualify for dismissal on this basis. Within every group of employees performing the same duties, a balanced distribution needs to be made. If the employer fails to do this properly, the UWV will deny the request for a dismissal permit for the employee.

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