All our lawyers are specialised in providing criminal law defense and are registered as specialists with the Dutch Legal Aid Board. We provided defense before and during police interrogations and searches on private or company property, during pre-trial hearings with the DA, and during regular court hearings (single and multiple judge courts). We have extensive experience on the following criminal law subjects:

  • Drug-related offenses
  • Violent crimes (murder, manslaughter, battery, public violence)
  • Driving-related offenses (e.g. driving under the influence)
  • Property crime (e.g. theft, extorsion and fencing)
  • Sex-related offenses (e.g. sexual assault, posession of child pornography)
  • Extradition cases

Beside our work in criminal defense, we also have experience in services to victims of crime. Our services include entering compensation claims and accompaniying victims in exercising their right to speak during court hearings. We also represent victims who want to enter a complaint against the decision of the prosecutor to drop a case (article 12-cases).