We advise and litigate on behalf of employers and employees on these subjects:

  • Employee dismissal
  • Non-compete clause or company relations clause
  • Trial period
  • Discrimination
  • Transfer of undertaking
  • Employment agreements
  • Collective labour agreements
  • Ill employees
  • Labor disputes
  • Expats

Dutch labour law and foreign employees

When is Dutch labour law applicable to your employment contract?
In general, all agreements of employees based in the Netherlands whose working activities are performed in or from the Netherlands, are governed by Dutch labour law.


A company in financial distress may need to let go some employees. Dutch law is very strict as to which employees qualify for dismissal on this basis. Within every group of employees performing the same duties, a balanced distribution needs to be made. If the employer fails to do this properly, the UWV will deny the request for a dismissal permit for the employee.

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