We provide accessible legal services for expats residing in the Netherlands, who have had to deal with employment law related issues. All our lawyers are fluent in English and have experience providing advice to expats. We can advise or respresent you on all employment issues, including:

Need advice on dismissal, a settlement agreement or payment during illness? Call us at 023-7100022 or send us an email at info@wkadvocaten.nl. The first meeting is free of charge and without further obligations.

  • representing a French national employed by a Dutch listed company;
  • respresenting an Australian national employed by a Dutch trading company;
  • respresenting a French national employed by a Dutch company, based in Singapore;
  • respresenting a Spanish corporation in the dismissal of a Dutch senior manager, employed in Spain.

Representing expats requires both in-depth knowledge of Dutch employment law and the specific needs of expats. Specific attention is necessary for tax matters (the 30 % ruling) and residence permits.

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